This reading is designed for the soul that is searching for a clear message as we collectively step into a new year. We often hear messages of resolution and “New Year, New Me” at this time. However, Your Year Ahead reading is based on the idea that we do not have to resolve anything within us, but we have the opportunity to expand and evolve what is already there. This opportunity can be accessed at any point in the calendar year. Our souls do not operate in linear time. This reading serves to reframe the external messages we receive to change or resolve ourselves. It is an invitation to listen to your intuition and connect to the place within you that is ready to evolve.

Each card will correspond with a guide for your year ahead. Working with the cycles of nature and seasonal shifts, these guides can help you to navigate your evolutions throughout 2021.

Your Year Ahead is only available for the month of January with limited availability!

With a Your Year Ahead reading, you will receive an in-depth 5-card reading that will explore the following:

  1. Your 2021 Guide: a friend with an important message that will direct you on your path and dig up the truth that is waiting beneath the surface of your soul.
  2. Winter: a guide to correspond with December 21 – March 21
  3. Spring: a guide to correspond with March 21 – June 21
  4. Summer: a guide to correspond with June 21 – September 21
  5. Autumn: a guide to correspond with September 21 – December 21

Your Year Ahead is delivered through a detailed 5-6 page PDF of channeled words and images of your reading. The monetary cost is $55.00 CAD.

If you are ready, fill out the form below. In the Message portion, include what energy has called you to Your Year Ahead Reading. Your reading will be delivered within ten days of payment. All payments must be processed before a reading is delivered.