This reading is designed for the soul experiencing a grand transition in their life journey. Nature’s seasonal shifts can enhance these transitions. Collectively, we are moving into the dark half of the year, shifting from summer’s radiant energy which brought us abundance and growth, into autumn’s call for deep introspection and discovering new aspects of our true path. If you are encountering a transition in your life, whether in your work, relationships, or something deeper, this reading is for you.

Change can be difficult to accept. However, we can focus on the journey from one moment to the next when we view changes in our lives as transitions. We also discover clues as to how our energies shift in these moments. With a Transitional Reading, you will receive an in-depth 6-card reading to explore the following:

  1. This Moment: to name the moment and give context to what you are experiencing, provides a starting point for your transition.
  2. What can I take with me through this transition?
  3. Who is going to meet me as I journey to the other side?
  4. Where is this transition taking me?
  5. What am I leaving behind as I move forward?
  6. The Other Side: a guide to be with you and help to navigate the experience on the other side of this transition, a reminder of where you have been & where you are going.

The Transitional Reading is delivered through a detailed 6-7 page PDF of channeled words and images of your reading. The monetary cost is $66.00 CAD.

If you are ready, fill out the form below. In the Message portion, include what energy has called you to the Transitional Reading. Your reading will be delivered within seven days of payment. All payments must be processed before a reading is delivered.