The Moon Moment reading is designed for those souls in search of connection & alignment with any given moon cycle. You have the choice to get a New Moon Moment, a Full Moon Moment, or both the New & Full Moon Moments of the same cycle. If you are curious to know how to better align yourself with the Moon, this reading is for you.

The Moon represents a deep intuitive knowing within each of us. It is the feminine within & without us, influencing the tides and our emotions. Each cycle delivers something unique to us. Sometimes these deliveries are challenging, forcing us to go inwards. Other times it feels empowering & energizing, pushing us to express ourselves to the world.


New Moon Moment: Your reading will be focused on the art of intention setting. It is the perfect time to plant seeds of intent while the moon is dark, or just beginning to show itself to us. It represents a new beginning. A moment of clarity before we move into new territory & explore a new place within ourselves. As the Moon grows, our intentions grow with it.

Full Moon Moment: Your reading will be focused on the art of release & gratitude. This is the time when the Moon is at its peak. It is a time to release what no longer serves us or is holding us back, what is no longer aligned with our truth. This moment is also an opportunity to pay gratitude to whatever we are releasing. It is important to honour our experiences before offering them to the Moon.

You will receive a specific guide in each reading to help you navigate the Moon Moment you have chosen. If you have chosen a New & Full Moon Moment, the guide will be the same for both.


The Moon Moment Reading is delivered through a detailed 4-5 page PDF of channeled words and images of your reading. The monetary cost for one reading is $44.00 CAD, for both, the cost is $55.00 CAD.

If you are ready, fill out the form below. In the Message portion, include what energy has called you to the Moon Moment Reading. Your reading will be delivered the evening before the New or Full Moon of your choice. All payments must be processed before a reading is delivered.