The Empress ~ Mama Nature’s Messenger

Some call her the Mother of the Tarot. She is fertile like the soil after a spring rain. An archetype of Mother Nature. She is the Triple Goddess. Grounded in the feminine, she holds the power of three in her roots. She breathes creation into the souls of those who listen. The Empress whispers softly, “Nurture your dreams, dear child.”


The Empress spoke to me this past summer. She was my guide, silently pushing me to create, write, & connect; visiting me three significant times in those months, reminding me that to create is to live; to create is to thrive.

I’d like to share her message with you.

The Cards

While I continue to primarily use The Wild Unknown deck from Kim Krans, I recently purchased the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. An illustration of Tarot that is over 100 years old and possibly the most popular. Pamela Colman Smith illustrated the Rider-Waite deck in 1909. When I first started shuffling these cards, I felt their ancient magic come to life.

The Empress spoke to me immediately through those cards as well. She visited me in my first reading with this deck. I heard her message loud & clear, “Tell my story.” So, here I am, on Friday the 13th, the Day of the Goddess, attempting to channel her story.

The Empress is the third card in the Major Arcana journey. The number three is incredibly meaningful in her story. Threes are connected to the ideas of community & creativity, communication & support. It is a number of creation. Think of the saying, “Third time’s a charm.” Three signifies the creation of something new.

By the time we come to the three power of anything, that is, the transformative moment, the atoms leap, and where there was once lassitude, there is now locomotion.

Women Who Run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.

With both decks, the imagery of The Empress is simply beautiful. Krans’ artwork in The Wild Unknown is once again awe-inspiring. She has captured the natural beauty that exudes from the Empress. The Empress is Mama Nature. She is represented not by a human image, but by a tall & shadowed tree under the crescent moon’s light. The Empress is grounded, rooted in her power. She represents growth & creation.

Maiden, Mother, Crone

The Empress is also connected to Mother Moon, (shown in the left corner of the card) encouraging the link between the intuitive self & the creative. She is the Mother of the Triple Goddess Moon (Maiden, Mother, Crone). The Mother represents the full moon; a symbol of fulfillment, fertility & power. It is also a sign to care & nurture our emotional self.

The Meaning

The keywords I associate with The Empress are: creation, nurture & nature. As mentioned above, some call her the Mother of the Tarot. I would be inclined to do so as well. She is passionate, grounded, nurturing, creative.

The Empress is also connected to Venus; the ruler of Fridays, & the goddess of love, sex, & fertility. She shares with us the power of natural beauty. The Empress is Mama Nature; she nurtures us in the fertile times of our lives (not necessarily just motherhood). Fertility can come in many forms, such as nurturing ourselves to become the best humans we can be. It can mean embracing mothering behaviours for those we love & care for. There are times of immense growth in our lives in which we are fertile, creating life from nothing, creating our futures.

In a reading, The Empress is calling us to nurture the connections present in our lives, to pay attention to our mother figures, or the mother in us, and to listen to those who care about you, and those you care for. She encourages us to focus on the growth we have experienced, on the lives we are creating, and the lives we are touching along the way. The Empress wants us to connect to Mama Nature, to ground ourselves in that connection, to nurture it. She is whispering, “Plant roots, deep in the ground, and watch what grows.”

The Empress in Me

The Empress came to me this summer, just after the Solstice, while I was setting up camp in the midst of trees and my best friends at Winnipeg’s Folk Festival. Here I am, in the depths of December, feeling her warmth and her nurturing energy.

Over the past six months, she has pushed me to question how & why I do the work that I do. “Why do you care for others in the way that you do?” Followed up with, “How can you nurture yourself, too?” She pushed me into nature. I sat in parks, went for long walks amongst the trees, listened to the wind, felt the sun soak into my skin.

The Empress inspired me to connect with my actual mother (Hi, Mama) and with those friends that mother me (Hi, Tia & Misha). It was a summer based on connection and nurturing those connections on a deeper, soul level. The Empress’ energy pushed me to be a guide for others. She continues to guide me & remind me to remain connected & grounded, to tap into my emotional self, and to create & reflect.

Mothering manifests in so many forms, just as creation manifests in many forms. We are the mothers of our creations! We can be mothers to our friends, and even mothers to our mothers. The Empress teaches us that these relationships are cyclical. We nurture those that have nurtured us.

Through the Empress’ messages, I learned to mother my creative self, to guide her into creating a business, to expand her craft, and continue to write her story.

So, while the winter winds blow outside, I keep the messages from the Empress close by for warmth. I encourage you to take the time to nurture yourself through this season. And when the time comes, allow whatever is stirring in your heart the space to be free.

With love ~ ZZ

The Magician ~ You Are Magic

Magic is within us. It surrounds us. It is us.

I am magic. You are magic. We are magic.

These are my reminders when I start to doubt myself & my journey. I encourage you to remind yourself of your magic when you feel lost too.

I also remind myself that my magical practice is continual. It is always changing, always growing, always expanding. I think that’s my favourite part of being a witch (and a human in general). There is always something to learn about my practice & my self. I’m always discovering different ways to express & create my own magic.

One of the constants in my practice is obviously Tarot. The cards are a way for me to reconnect to magic & to myself. They ground me. They help to bring my energy back to me. Reconnecting to ourselves & our magic is so important while we navigate a world designed to distract us from ourselves.

The Magician is my card for the year (2019). I was so happy to have pulled this card in my Year Ahead Spread which is a birthday tradition of mine. I feel inspired by The Magician. Inspired & grateful. I write this post in gratitude to The Magician’s energy & it’s continued inspiration on my journey to reconnect & expand throughout this year.

The Cards

As I’ve mentioned, I use The Wild Unknown tarot deck by Kim Krans for my personal & professional readings. Krans’ artwork is so beautiful & I am so deeply connected to the images that appear in every spread I read. My book will be open again soon! Please email me here to book a distance or in-person reading.

The Magician is numbered as the first card but, technically, it is the second card in the journey of the Major Arcana. The first card being The Fool who has now become The Magician. Now that they have taken the leap from their comfort zone, The Fool is learning to express their magic through their creations in this world. As with all of the Major Arcana cards, The Magician represents an archetype of the human psyche. This one being that of the spiritual self.

This card shares a very similar energy to that of The High Priestess, which is the next card on the Major Arcana journey. While The High Priestess represents an intuitive connection to magic, The Magician represents a more action-oriented magical connection. There is a duality represented between these two magical archetypes. The Divine Feminine in The High Priestess & the Divine Masculine in the Magician. Both energies can be found within all of us, regardless of gender identity or expression.

The Meaning

The keywords I associate with The Magician are: creation, activity, and empowerment. The Magician represents a strong awareness to its environment, itself & the magic that envelopes it. The Magician creates. Constantly. It has an active, forward-moving energy while maintaining a true sense of self. It gains this sense of self through its strong connection to the magical realm. The Magician represents a constant cycle of giving magical energy through creation & then receiving that same energy in abundance.

There is a warm, inspiring energy to the imagery of The Magician. The colours of orange & yellow represent the outwardly creative energy The Magician fills us with. There is a sense of radiant power. The leopard, with the infinity sign on its chest, tells us to continue to take action in our creative pursuits. Creative magic is cyclical, continuous.

The Magician encourages us to be a conscious creator in all aspects of our lives. A conscious creator is aware of its power, its magic, & its influence. They are aware of the four elements which are represented here through the four suits of the Minor Arcana (Wands, Pentacles, Cups & Swords). The “hands” of The Magician are placed upon the Pentacle, signifying a grounding connection through the element of Earth. A conscious creator connects to the Earth & all she provides.

When you receive The Magician in a reading, exhale greatly. It is a reminder that there is magic within you just waiting to be released! It is time to act on any creative endeavors you’ve been dreaming of. Make use of the magic that surrounds you & radiates from you. Step into your magic, love!

The Magician in Me

As I mentioned, The Magician is my card of the year for 2019 and what a magical year it has been already. I strongly believe that connecting to the magic within myself has brought abundance into my life in many different ways.

I have been blessed with a new & wonderful partner who may not be a witch, but is definitely full of magic. And we are connected, unintentionally (or perhaps it is intentional), through magic & the cycles of nature. Many clients reached out to me in the first quarter of this year to have readings done either through email or in-person. I am so grateful for those who choose to connect with me through Tarot. I have been gifted many new plant friends who bring me happiness & help to nurture my magical practice & connection to nature every day. I found a new oracle deck (Moonology by Yasmin Boland) to work & connect with through the moon’s phases. I was asked to join a new community that inspires me to be a better, stronger, healthier human that will give me the opportunity to connect with souls on the same journey.

I’ve kept The Magician on my “altar” for the past month as it has come up so often in my readings. (I use quotations here as I’m still not sure about the use of the word altar in my practice, but it is a sacred space I’ve created where I can make offerings, read cards, or simply light a candle). This card has been an important reminder for me to stay in my magic & to call my magic back to me every day.

Magic has found me. It follows me. Because I am magic. You are magic. We are magic.

If you need guidance in how to stay in your own magic, please reach out with a little love note below.

With love ~ zz

The High Priestess ~ Intuitive Power

As I make a much-needed return to the cards & my practice, I introduce you to The High Priestess in all of her magical, feminine & intuitive glory.

When I began my Tarot journey two years ago, I was shuffling for my Year Ahead Spread and my focus was on my own intuition. How could I connect to my intuition that year? The High Priestess was the Major Arcana card that I pulled first for January. Since I have worked with The High Priestess’s energy before, I wasn’t surprised to see her as the first card I pulled. Immediately, I felt a sense of assurance that this path of tarot reading & exploring my intuition would be of benefit. And it has truly been just that.

The Cards

I continue to work with The Wild Unknown deck by Kim Krans. The connection I have to these cards is still as strong, if not stronger, than ever. They are so beautifully illustrated. The mixture of light & dark, the unique balance, is in itself magical. In her guidebook, Krans has these illuminating words to say about the second Major Arcana card, The High Priestess:

“The High Priestess sits in stillness. From there she’s able to access realms others pass by without noticing, the vast world of intuition, dreams, and mystery. She uses silence and non-action to harness this power.”

Mystery. Power. Intuition. Stillness. I love the energy of this card. And I am so grateful when she shows herself.

When you receive The High Priestess in a reading, thank the goddesses! Much like The Magician, she is a symbol of trusting and listening to the higher self within us all. The one receiving the reading needs to trust the inklings in their heart & expand on that energy. Ask yourself, “What is my dream world made of? What is found when you look beyond?” Trust The High Priestess just as she trusts herself. She has mysterious & magical wisdom to share.

The Meaning

The keywords to associate with The High Priestess according to Krans are psychic, wisdom, and mystery. I use the word intuition when I read this card. Intuition is the basis of all magic, especially the tarot practice.

The High Priestess is the witch of the tarot. She is every witch that ever has been & ever will be. She is the strong femme within us all, regardless of our gender identity.

The High Priestess sees what we cannot see (or chose not to). She is the keeper of the cards. She holds the secrets and mysteries of the unknown.

In the image above, we can clearly see her (represented by a stoic white tiger) sitting quietly, pensively. She is joined by the crescent moon (who we see a lot of in this deck!) hanging in the dark night sky. The moon herself is a representation of intuitive and feminine power. The High Priestess is also joined by a crystal ball full of mystical purples and blues, colours of magic & witchcraft, the only colours illustrated in this card. Isn’t she beautiful? I find her mesmerizing.

When we are called to have our cards read, we are searching for an answer. We are curious about the depths of the unknown. We want to explore the realm unbeknownst to us in this physical realm.

The High Priestess tells us to sit with our questions, our desires & dreams. She asks us to trust our gut instincts and to contemplate where they might take us. Now is not the time for action, as it was with The Magician, but the time for stillness.

The High Priestess in Me

Again, I love seeing The High Priestess in a reading. I connect with her on a higher level than any other card. Which is saying a lot because I connect with many from this deck. But, there is something about her. Something mystical and wild, silent and powerful that attracts me to her energy.

To me, she is the embodiment of the tarot practice. She is the all-knowing, all-seeing femme. She is often found observing, scrying (using her crystal ball), reading, thinking, dreaming.

Working with her energy is powerful in every sense. From her influence on my daily & weekly spreads to simply having her image in my mind; she has been the reminder, the guide, that I have needed to expand my intuitive tarot practice & to trust the power of my dreams.

I would like to take this time to thank her. I send gratitude to the The High Priestess for providing courage, for inspiring trust in myself, for the strength to reach beyond. You were the perfect companion to have with me to begin this journey. I know now, just as I did when I started, that this path will be one filled with exploration of what Tarot means for my future.

And thank you for reading, my loves.

With all my love ~ zz

The Hermit ~ Shine Your Light Within

I have been practicing tarot reading for almost a year now. It has been an unbelievably beneficial journey of self-reflection & a revelation of my intuition. I am so excited to share what I have learned so far! Currently, I work with The Wild Unknown deck by Kim Krans. I am very connected to my deck. I adore the imagery (do you see that turtle?!) & have always felt a pull to read them. Every now & then I will be spotlighting specific cards that speak to me as well as sharing the spreads I work with. Today, The Hermit gets to shine. Enjoy!

The Cards

For those unfamiliar with tarot & how it all works, here are some basics. There are seventy-eight cards in a traditional tarot deck. Twenty-two of those cards are called the Major Arcana (the deck’s trump cards). “Arcana” means secrets or mysteries. The Major Arcana are powerful and each one represents an archetype of the human psyche. These cards are the energies we all hold within ourselves. If you receive one in a reading, don’t take it for granted. There is always a reason for it to show up.

There are also fifty-six Minor Arcana divided into four different suits: wands, cups, swords & pentacles. But, that will require a whole other post. Subscribe to stay updated!

The Hermit is the ninth card of the Major Arcana & always a welcome sight. When you think “hermit,” you might think; lonely, depressed, isolated. Hermit behaviour is often misunderstood. However, there are many reasons for us to celebrate it.

When this card appears in a reading, I know there is no need for extra guidance or questioning. Whoever is receiving the reading already has the answers within them. They just needed to be reminded. Be happy for the presence & the practice of The Hermit!

The Meaning

The keywords we can associate with The Hermit, according to Kim Krans, are solitude and meditation. I use the word introspection when I read this lovely card. The Hermit also stands for self-reflection. Deep, deep self-reflection. The type of self-reflection that one needs to sit with for a while. To sit in solitude & practice introspection is the only way we can discover our true path.

The Hermit reminds us that we hold the wisdom within to guide us on that true path; the path we are all striving to be on. Do you see the lantern on our dear Hermit’s back? That represents the flame we all hold within. It is our inner guidance. To realize that guidance, we must check-in with the self & unearth whatever it is that’s waiting beneath the surface.

At times, checking in with ourselves is the last thing we want to do. Who needs to recognize all of those scary emotions anyway? Well, I’ll tell you who. You. It is so important to check-in with the self; to discover our wants & desires, find out what our fears are, and where our comfort zone begins & ends.

Perhaps, your comfort zone is in solitude. Personally, I can find a lot of comfort in being alone & I know I’m not alone in that feeling. So, for those who enjoy their time by themselves, or maybe are avoiding society in general, The Hermit is asking you “Why?” Why are you hiding yourself from the world? It urges you to find that flame burning within & let the world see it shine.

The Hermit in Me

I identify very strongly with this slow-moving yet active character. It always shows up when I stray too far from my true path or when I simply need inspiration. Every year, I pull a Year Ahead Spread on my birthday. The Hermit is my card for January! I couldn’t have asked for a better card to show up for me this month. The Hermit is here to remind me why I started this tarot journey; to share what is within.

It is also the time, in the Northern Hemisphere, when we experience shorter, darker days and tend to spend a lot of time indoors to escape the biting cold. This is the perfect time for a lil’ introspection, meditation, & self-reflection.

The Hermit has truly helped me focus on myself & my journey so far this month. I needed a reminder to slow down, check-in, & move forward – slowly.

For, even if we are moving at a turtle’s pace, we are taking the necessary steps on our never-ending path to be our authentic selves.

With love ~ zz

Who is the Wanderess?

Who is the Wanderess? A question much like; “what can you tell us about yourself?” One of my least favourite questions to answer, yet the most honest & telling.

I hope the following sheds a light on who I am, where I’ve been & what makes my heart happy. Enjoy, my lovelies!

The Writer

Above & before all, I am a writer. I started this blog as a way of getting my words, wild thoughts & witchy intentions out into the world. My words are trapped in the many notebooks scattering my apartment floor. The wild thoughts have been bouncing around in my brain for too long. My intentions are waiting impatiently to have the world read, hear and understand them.

I’ve been writing pretty much since I learned the skill in the first grade. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. I’ve filled countless journals (a practice my darling mother introduced me to) but I have never shared my writing with anyone outside my circle. So, consider yourself lucky.

For a long time, I was under the impression that everyone kept a journal, wrote their feelings down, reflected on what happened in a day. I soon realized, while not alone in my writing practice, journal-keeping & creative writing wasn’t a popular pastime. I was a quiet kid growing up (if you know me, you might find that hard to believe) & I had a difficult time talking about what was going on in my head. As an experienced adult, I know that same struggle with communication I once had is very common. But, once I learned how to express myself (and I mean really express myself, my authentic self) I was so much happier. Not only happy, but relieved. I was so relieved to have an outlet that allowed honesty with myself, those around me, & the world.

The Wanderess

I have lived on the beaches in Spain, worked in the mountains of northern Italy, and hung off the edge of the world in Ireland. My heart is always yearning for new scenery & a new adventure. But, right now, my heart is yearning for something else – to be heard. So, thank you for listening.

It was travel that truly inspired me to write this blog. I’ve written pages upon pages about the experiences I have had & shared amongst my closest & dearest friends in places all over the world. Whether it was good, bad or down right ugly, it made it on the page & will one day make it here! I have written in the middle of lush forests, on white, sandy beaches, on the top of seven-hundred foot cliffs, and in train stations, parks, bars, & cafes all over Europe. The constant change of scenery that travel allows will always inspire me. There is nothing quite like waking up in an unknown city & venturing out to see what it has to offer you.

Travel is humbling, gratifying, frightening, and always inspiring. I owe it to my wandering heart & supportive friends & family for pushing me out into the world. For, if not for them, I would still be caught up in who I used to be, not living an authentic life, never having crossed an ocean, and kicking myself for it every chance I got.

This summer, a man behind a hostel desk told me, “With a name like yours, you must be destined for something great. Something that’s going to change the world.” Wow. How does one respond to that? Obviously flattered, I took his words & thought hard about what I could do to change the world around me, even just a little bit. I still don’t have a concrete answer. But, maybe this is the start of that journey. Maybe this will be nothing but a diary. Either way, this blog, this space, was created to share the stories trying so desperately to get out there. Wherever “there” is.

I invite you all on this journey of discovery with me!

The Witch

Let’s set the records straight. I didn’t just decide one day that I was a witch. There was no “Ah-ha” Oprah moment where I told myself, “Girl, you’re a witch now.” It was more of a gradual realization that I already was one & that the beliefs I had were shared amongst other women around me. It also helped that the universe started inserting witchy, intuitive experiences into my life. The universe will do that to you.

I consider myself a spiritual person. I believe that everything happens to us for a reason. Sometimes that reason is a blessing, sometimes a lesson, sometimes both! I believe we are all connected to each other & Mama Nature. I believe that the energy we put out into the world comes back to us; good & bad. I believe there are tools like tarot, crystals, and astrology to aid in the realization of the energy we all share. I use these tools intuitively & intentionally for guidance, self-reflection, and growth. They help me focus on what is important & true in my life as well as to understand the world around me. My practice has not only aided in my personal growth but the growth of the ones I love as well. And that makes my witchy heart very happy.

Now, these are not ideas that everyone understands. Frankly, you don’t need to understand them. My practice is ultimately just that. My practiceIt is ultimately for myself, my growth, and my happiness. As with my writing, the witch had to come out. She was begging to. Sharing this part of my identity was beyond necessary for so many reasons. But, mostly, it was to continue the journey of my heart’s happiness.

In the last week leading up to this blog launch, I have become increasingly confident in who I am, what I stand for, and what I practice. I have never been witchier either. And I have loved every minute of it.

It is no coincidence that I launched this blog on October 31st. Samhain (SOW-en), Halloween, or even Witches’ New Year, is a time of great transformation. The veil is at its thinnest between this world & the next. There is a sense of darkness, truth, and rebirth in the air. This sensation allows us to catch a glimpse of our truest selves. It is up to us (with the help of our chosen tools & support groups) to harness this energy around us & reveal our authentic selves.

This is me – my authentic self. This is the Wanderess Within.