Hello lovelies. I’m Zoya. The Wanderess Within.

A Capricorn sun, Sagittarius moon & Libra rising born with a writer’s heart & an affinity for all things witchy. I’m currently living in the middle of Canada in my cozy sanctuary with my partner & our furry friend, Isabelle. But, I long to wander this world over.
From me, you can expect lessons on life, love & truth, stories of synchronicities & connections, tarot readings, feminist rants & whatever my indecisive mind has to offer. I promote & practice self-love in everything I do, on & offline.
This is intended to be a safe, inclusive space with no tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or ableism. All oppressors will be promptly blocked & removed.
I recognize I come from a life of privilege, being a white, cis-gender, non-disabled, straight-passing human being. If there is ever an issue in my writing you would like to discuss with me, please contact me here. We are all constantly learning & unlearning lessons throughout our existence. 
My hope is that you, dear reader, find solace & safety here as well as inspiration.
I have so many stories to share with you all. And I hope you hold the courage in your heart to share your stories too.

With love ~ ZZ