The Empress ~ Mama Nature’s Messenger

Some call her the Mother of the Tarot. She is fertile like the soil after a spring rain. An archetype of Mother Nature. She is the Triple Goddess. Grounded in the feminine, she holds the power of three in her roots. She breathes creation into the souls of those who listen. The Empress whispers softly, “Nurture your dreams, dear child.”


The Empress spoke to me this past summer. She was my guide, silently pushing me to create, write, & connect; visiting me three significant times in those months, reminding me that to create is to live; to create is to thrive.

I’d like to share her message with you.

The Cards

While I continue to primarily use The Wild Unknown deck from Kim Krans, I recently purchased the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. An illustration of Tarot that is over 100 years old and possibly the most popular. Pamela Colman Smith illustrated the Rider-Waite deck in 1909. When I first started shuffling these cards, I felt their ancient magic come to life.

The Empress spoke to me immediately through those cards as well. She visited me in my first reading with this deck. I heard her message loud & clear, “Tell my story.” So, here I am, on Friday the 13th, the Day of the Goddess, attempting to channel her story.

The Empress is the third card in the Major Arcana journey. The number three is incredibly meaningful in her story. Threes are connected to the ideas of community & creativity, communication & support. It is a number of creation. Think of the saying, “Third time’s a charm.” Three signifies the creation of something new.

By the time we come to the three power of anything, that is, the transformative moment, the atoms leap, and where there was once lassitude, there is now locomotion.

Women Who Run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.

With both decks, the imagery of The Empress is simply beautiful. Krans’ artwork in The Wild Unknown is once again awe-inspiring. She has captured the natural beauty that exudes from the Empress. The Empress is Mama Nature. She is represented not by a human image, but by a tall & shadowed tree under the crescent moon’s light. The Empress is grounded, rooted in her power. She represents growth & creation.

Maiden, Mother, Crone

The Empress is also connected to Mother Moon, (shown in the left corner of the card) encouraging the link between the intuitive self & the creative. She is the Mother of the Triple Goddess Moon (Maiden, Mother, Crone). The Mother represents the full moon; a symbol of fulfillment, fertility & power. It is also a sign to care & nurture our emotional self.

The Meaning

The keywords I associate with The Empress are: creation, nurture & nature. As mentioned above, some call her the Mother of the Tarot. I would be inclined to do so as well. She is passionate, grounded, nurturing, creative.

The Empress is also connected to Venus; the ruler of Fridays, & the goddess of love, sex, & fertility. She shares with us the power of natural beauty. The Empress is Mama Nature; she nurtures us in the fertile times of our lives (not necessarily just motherhood). Fertility can come in many forms, such as nurturing ourselves to become the best humans we can be. It can mean embracing mothering behaviours for those we love & care for. There are times of immense growth in our lives in which we are fertile, creating life from nothing, creating our futures.

In a reading, The Empress is calling us to nurture the connections present in our lives, to pay attention to our mother figures, or the mother in us, and to listen to those who care about you, and those you care for. She encourages us to focus on the growth we have experienced, on the lives we are creating, and the lives we are touching along the way. The Empress wants us to connect to Mama Nature, to ground ourselves in that connection, to nurture it. She is whispering, “Plant roots, deep in the ground, and watch what grows.”

The Empress in Me

The Empress came to me this summer, just after the Solstice, while I was setting up camp in the midst of trees and my best friends at Winnipeg’s Folk Festival. Here I am, in the depths of December, feeling her warmth and her nurturing energy.

Over the past six months, she has pushed me to question how & why I do the work that I do. “Why do you care for others in the way that you do?” Followed up with, “How can you nurture yourself, too?” She pushed me into nature. I sat in parks, went for long walks amongst the trees, listened to the wind, felt the sun soak into my skin.

The Empress inspired me to connect with my actual mother (Hi, Mama) and with those friends that mother me (Hi, Tia & Misha). It was a summer based on connection and nurturing those connections on a deeper, soul level. The Empress’ energy pushed me to be a guide for others. She continues to guide me & remind me to remain connected & grounded, to tap into my emotional self, and to create & reflect.

Mothering manifests in so many forms, just as creation manifests in many forms. We are the mothers of our creations! We can be mothers to our friends, and even mothers to our mothers. The Empress teaches us that these relationships are cyclical. We nurture those that have nurtured us.

Through the Empress’ messages, I learned to mother my creative self, to guide her into creating a business, to expand her craft, and continue to write her story.

So, while the winter winds blow outside, I keep the messages from the Empress close by for warmth. I encourage you to take the time to nurture yourself through this season. And when the time comes, allow whatever is stirring in your heart the space to be free.

With love ~ ZZ

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