The Magician ~ You Are Magic

Magic is within us. It surrounds us. It is us.

I am magic. You are magic. We are magic.

These are my reminders when I start to doubt myself & my journey. I encourage you to remind yourself of your magic when you feel lost too.

I also remind myself that my magical practice is continual. It is always changing, always growing, always expanding. I think that’s my favourite part of being a witch (and a human in general). There is always something to learn about my practice & my self. I’m always discovering different ways to express & create my own magic.

One of the constants in my practice is obviously Tarot. The cards are a way for me to reconnect to magic & to myself. They ground me. They help to bring my energy back to me. Reconnecting to ourselves & our magic is so important while we navigate a world designed to distract us from ourselves.

The Magician is my card for the year (2019). I was so happy to have pulled this card in my Year Ahead Spread which is a birthday tradition of mine. I feel inspired by The Magician. Inspired & grateful. I write this post in gratitude to The Magician’s energy & it’s continued inspiration on my journey to reconnect & expand throughout this year.

The Cards

As I’ve mentioned, I use The Wild Unknown tarot deck by Kim Krans for my personal & professional readings. Krans’ artwork is so beautiful & I am so deeply connected to the images that appear in every spread I read. My book will be open again soon! Please email me here to book a distance or in-person reading.

The Magician is numbered as the first card but, technically, it is the second card in the journey of the Major Arcana. The first card being The Fool who has now become The Magician. Now that they have taken the leap from their comfort zone, The Fool is learning to express their magic through their creations in this world. As with all of the Major Arcana cards, The Magician represents an archetype of the human psyche. This one being that of the spiritual self.

This card shares a very similar energy to that of The High Priestess, which is the next card on the Major Arcana journey. While The High Priestess represents an intuitive connection to magic, The Magician represents a more action-oriented magical connection. There is a duality represented between these two magical archetypes. The Divine Feminine in The High Priestess & the Divine Masculine in the Magician. Both energies can be found within all of us, regardless of gender identity or expression.

The Meaning

The keywords I associate with The Magician are: creation, activity, and empowerment. The Magician represents a strong awareness to its environment, itself & the magic that envelopes it. The Magician creates. Constantly. It has an active, forward-moving energy while maintaining a true sense of self. It gains this sense of self through its strong connection to the magical realm. The Magician represents a constant cycle of giving magical energy through creation & then receiving that same energy in abundance.

There is a warm, inspiring energy to the imagery of The Magician. The colours of orange & yellow represent the outwardly creative energy The Magician fills us with. There is a sense of radiant power. The leopard, with the infinity sign on its chest, tells us to continue to take action in our creative pursuits. Creative magic is cyclical, continuous.

The Magician encourages us to be a conscious creator in all aspects of our lives. A conscious creator is aware of its power, its magic, & its influence. They are aware of the four elements which are represented here through the four suits of the Minor Arcana (Wands, Pentacles, Cups & Swords). The “hands” of The Magician are placed upon the Pentacle, signifying a grounding connection through the element of Earth. A conscious creator connects to the Earth & all she provides.

When you receive The Magician in a reading, exhale greatly. It is a reminder that there is magic within you just waiting to be released! It is time to act on any creative endeavors you’ve been dreaming of. Make use of the magic that surrounds you & radiates from you. Step into your magic, love!

The Magician in Me

As I mentioned, The Magician is my card of the year for 2019 and what a magical year it has been already. I strongly believe that connecting to the magic within myself has brought abundance into my life in many different ways.

I have been blessed with a new & wonderful partner who may not be a witch, but is definitely full of magic. And we are connected, unintentionally (or perhaps it is intentional), through magic & the cycles of nature. Many clients reached out to me in the first quarter of this year to have readings done either through email or in-person. I am so grateful for those who choose to connect with me through Tarot. I have been gifted many new plant friends who bring me happiness & help to nurture my magical practice & connection to nature every day. I found a new oracle deck (Moonology by Yasmin Boland) to work & connect with through the moon’s phases. I was asked to join a new community that inspires me to be a better, stronger, healthier human that will give me the opportunity to connect with souls on the same journey.

I’ve kept The Magician on my “altar” for the past month as it has come up so often in my readings. (I use quotations here as I’m still not sure about the use of the word altar in my practice, but it is a sacred space I’ve created where I can make offerings, read cards, or simply light a candle). This card has been an important reminder for me to stay in my magic & to call my magic back to me every day.

Magic has found me. It follows me. Because I am magic. You are magic. We are magic.

If you need guidance in how to stay in your own magic, please reach out with a little love note below.

With love ~ zz

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