The Fool ~ Begin Again

Happy Spring Equinox, loves! I hope you had a blessed day full of balanced & cleansing energy.

Recently, I have been called to deepen my studies of the Tarot. I have been blessed with many new clients over the last few months and through that abundance, I have been drawn to dive deeper. Part of my studying will be to post about each card & develop the Tarot portion of my blog. I began last year with a couple cards I was working with heavily at the launch of The Wanderess Within, which you can find here. You can also contact me through that page for readings!

I decided to begin again with our dear friend ~ The Fool.

The Cards

If you’ve been following along with my blog or Instagram page, you know I work very closely with The Wild Unknown deck by Kim Krans. I still hold a very personal & powerful relationship with these cards. They continue to bring me peace, insight & strength in life’s tougher, yet magical, moments.

The Fool is Card Zero. The first card of the Major Arcana beginning the journey through the Tarot. For those unfamiliar with Tarot, there are seventy-eight cards in a traditional tarot deck. Twenty-two of those cards are called the Major Arcana (the deck’s trump cards). “Arcana” means secrets or mysteries. The Major Arcana are powerful and each one represents an archetype of the human psyche. These cards are the energies we all hold within ourselves.

The Major Arcana cards also tell a story through those human archetypes.
The keywords I associate with The Fool are; fearlessness, innocence and potential. The Fool represents the beginning of the story, the “Once upon a time,” the introduction to the deepest parts of ourselves. In order to reach those deepest parts, we have to start somewhere. The Fool asks us to put our fears aside & start now.

The Meaning

There is a sweet innocence to The Fool. An innocent energy that still has the excited eagerness to learn, explore, and begin. Blinded by excitement in the face of the unknown, The Fool is ready to take the leap that many of us are scared to take. We can see our little bird friend stretching out their foot in preparation to take it’s first flight. They are surrounded by beautiful blossoms ~ a sign of spring & new life.

When The Fool shows up in a reading, it’s telling you to begin, or, begin again. Take a step off the branch that’s been supporting you & dive into the unknown. As scary as that may seem, The Fool is telling you you’re ready.

The Fool is a reminder that we are constantly beginning. Whether that means beginning a new endeavor, like a job or degree, or starting a new relationship, with a partner or even with yourself. Beginning looks & feels different for everyone. The Fool reminds us that we have the power within us to start fresh in all aspects of our lives.

Unless you remain stuck on the branch. Unless you remain in your comfort zone.

The Fool in Me

I was stuck on the branch for a long time. I was comfortable in my distractions. Distractions from my work, my practice, my self. I allowed myself to be blinded by pain & got stuck in a space that felt safe & familiar. But “safe” does not mean positive. It does not mean growth. It certainly does not mean fearless.

“Growth is only available outside your comfort zone.” This is an idea that I find so overplayed and yet, so important. While I understand the sentiment (and it truly is the mantra of The Fool), the movement from being comfortable into a place of growth is so intimidating and I think that fact gets overlooked when we tell others to just go out & do the thing.

What if the thing we’re meant to do seems impossible & out of reach? What if we are stopped by crippling anxiety or depression? What if we have financial hurdles standing in our way? I believe the answer lies in being aware of our potential & trying to live it fully every day.

While I was studying this card & moving through my own space of comfort to one of growth, I asked myself, “How does The Fool overcome its fear?” And the answer is, at least for me, The Fool doesn’t hold fear to begin with. It does not yet know the disappointment or heartache that can come from beginning again & stepping off the branch. The Fool only sees the potential & takes the leap into flight.

So, I encourage you to take the leap this season. Spring is such an abundant time. We are surrounded by new life & fresh energy. Allow The Fool’s energy to fill your soul and push you off the branch you’ve been resting comfortably on this winter.

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With love ~ zz

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