The High Priestess ~ Intuitive Power

As I make a much-needed return to the cards & my practice, I introduce you to The High Priestess in all of her magical, feminine & intuitive glory.

When I began my Tarot journey two years ago, I was shuffling for my Year Ahead Spread and my focus was on my own intuition. How could I connect to my intuition that year? The High Priestess was the Major Arcana card that I pulled first for January. Since I have worked with The High Priestess’s energy before, I wasn’t surprised to see her as the first card I pulled. Immediately, I felt a sense of assurance that this path of tarot reading & exploring my intuition would be of benefit. And it has truly been just that.

The Cards

I continue to work with The Wild Unknown deck by Kim Krans. The connection I have to these cards is still as strong, if not stronger, than ever. They are so beautifully illustrated. The mixture of light & dark, the unique balance, is in itself magical. In her guidebook, Krans has these illuminating words to say about the second Major Arcana card, The High Priestess:

“The High Priestess sits in stillness. From there she’s able to access realms others pass by without noticing, the vast world of intuition, dreams, and mystery. She uses silence and non-action to harness this power.”

Mystery. Power. Intuition. Stillness. I love the energy of this card. And I am so grateful when she shows herself.

When you receive The High Priestess in a reading, thank the goddesses! Much like The Magician, she is a symbol of trusting and listening to the higher self within us all. The one receiving the reading needs to trust the inklings in their heart & expand on that energy. Ask yourself, “What is my dream world made of? What is found when you look beyond?” Trust The High Priestess just as she trusts herself. She has mysterious & magical wisdom to share.

The Meaning

The keywords to associate with The High Priestess according to Krans are psychic, wisdom, and mystery. I use the word intuition when I read this card. Intuition is the basis of all magic, especially the tarot practice.

The High Priestess is the witch of the tarot. She is every witch that ever has been & ever will be. She is the strong femme within us all, regardless of our gender identity.

The High Priestess sees what we cannot see (or chose not to). She is the keeper of the cards. She holds the secrets and mysteries of the unknown.

In the image above, we can clearly see her (represented by a stoic white tiger) sitting quietly, pensively. She is joined by the crescent moon (who we see a lot of in this deck!) hanging in the dark night sky. The moon herself is a representation of intuitive and feminine power. The High Priestess is also joined by a crystal ball full of mystical purples and blues, colours of magic & witchcraft, the only colours illustrated in this card. Isn’t she beautiful? I find her mesmerizing.

When we are called to have our cards read, we are searching for an answer. We are curious about the depths of the unknown. We want to explore the realm unbeknownst to us in this physical realm.

The High Priestess tells us to sit with our questions, our desires & dreams. She asks us to trust our gut instincts and to contemplate where they might take us. Now is not the time for action, as it was with The Magician, but the time for stillness.

The High Priestess in Me

Again, I love seeing The High Priestess in a reading. I connect with her on a higher level than any other card. Which is saying a lot because I connect with many from this deck. But, there is something about her. Something mystical and wild, silent and powerful that attracts me to her energy.

To me, she is the embodiment of the tarot practice. She is the all-knowing, all-seeing femme. She is often found observing, scrying (using her crystal ball), reading, thinking, dreaming.

Working with her energy is powerful in every sense. From her influence on my daily & weekly spreads to simply having her image in my mind; she has been the reminder, the guide, that I have needed to expand my intuitive tarot practice & to trust the power of my dreams.

I would like to take this time to thank her. I send gratitude to the The High Priestess for providing courage, for inspiring trust in myself, for the strength to reach beyond. You were the perfect companion to have with me to begin this journey. I know now, just as I did when I started, that this path will be one filled with exploration of what Tarot means for my future.

And thank you for reading, my loves.

With all my love ~ zz

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