The Hermit ~ Shine Your Light Within

I have been practicing tarot reading for almost a year now. It has been an unbelievably beneficial journey of self-reflection & a revelation of my intuition. I am so excited to share what I have learned so far! Currently, I work with The Wild Unknown deck by Kim Krans. I am very connected to my deck. I adore the imagery (do you see that turtle?!) & have always felt a pull to read them. Every now & then I will be spotlighting specific cards that speak to me as well as sharing the spreads I work with. Today, The Hermit gets to shine. Enjoy!

The Cards

For those unfamiliar with tarot & how it all works, here are some basics. There are seventy-eight cards in a traditional tarot deck. Twenty-two of those cards are called the Major Arcana (the deck’s trump cards). “Arcana” means secrets or mysteries. The Major Arcana are powerful and each one represents an archetype of the human psyche. These cards are the energies we all hold within ourselves. If you receive one in a reading, don’t take it for granted. There is always a reason for it to show up.

There are also fifty-six Minor Arcana divided into four different suits: wands, cups, swords & pentacles. But, that will require a whole other post. Subscribe to stay updated!

The Hermit is the ninth card of the Major Arcana & always a welcome sight. When you think “hermit,” you might think; lonely, depressed, isolated. Hermit behaviour is often misunderstood. However, there are many reasons for us to celebrate it.

When this card appears in a reading, I know there is no need for extra guidance or questioning. Whoever is receiving the reading already has the answers within them. They just needed to be reminded. Be happy for the presence & the practice of The Hermit!

The Meaning

The keywords we can associate with The Hermit, according to Kim Krans, are solitude and meditation. I use the word introspection when I read this lovely card. The Hermit also stands for self-reflection. Deep, deep self-reflection. The type of self-reflection that one needs to sit with for a while. To sit in solitude & practice introspection is the only way we can discover our true path.

The Hermit reminds us that we hold the wisdom within to guide us on that true path; the path we are all striving to be on. Do you see the lantern on our dear Hermit’s back? That represents the flame we all hold within. It is our inner guidance. To realize that guidance, we must check-in with the self & unearth whatever it is that’s waiting beneath the surface.

At times, checking in with ourselves is the last thing we want to do. Who needs to recognize all of those scary emotions anyway? Well, I’ll tell you who. You. It is so important to check-in with the self; to discover our wants & desires, find out what our fears are, and where our comfort zone begins & ends.

Perhaps, your comfort zone is in solitude. Personally, I can find a lot of comfort in being alone & I know I’m not alone in that feeling. So, for those who enjoy their time by themselves, or maybe are avoiding society in general, The Hermit is asking you “Why?” Why are you hiding yourself from the world? It urges you to find that flame burning within & let the world see it shine.

The Hermit in Me

I identify very strongly with this slow-moving yet active character. It always shows up when I stray too far from my true path or when I simply need inspiration. Every year, I pull a Year Ahead Spread on my birthday. The Hermit is my card for January! I couldn’t have asked for a better card to show up for me this month. The Hermit is here to remind me why I started this tarot journey; to share what is within.

It is also the time, in the Northern Hemisphere, when we experience shorter, darker days and tend to spend a lot of time indoors to escape the biting cold. This is the perfect time for a lil’ introspection, meditation, & self-reflection.

The Hermit has truly helped me focus on myself & my journey so far this month. I needed a reminder to slow down, check-in, & move forward – slowly.

For, even if we are moving at a turtle’s pace, we are taking the necessary steps on our never-ending path to be our authentic selves.

With love ~ zz

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